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Reset. Balance. Restore.

frog at night in amazon rain forest sitt


Kambo is the secretion of the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog and comes from the rainforests of the upper Amazon.  It is used by many native tribes in the Amazon and traditionally was used in three ways:

  • To cleanse and energize for hunting

  • Medicine, for Malaria, fever, infections and snake bites

  • To clear negative energy known as “Panema.” 

The frog is never harmed when the secretion is harvested, and it’s treated with the utmost care and respect, as the people believe by harming the frog the animal spirit will be angered.

Image by Chris Abney


Research has shown that Kambo has a complex cocktail of Bioactive Peptides, which performs specific biological functions that positively impacts the human body.  As a natural substance that the body recognizes, Kambo enters on a cellular level, so that the cell receptors open and allow it to enter the cells.

Kambo functions as a natural antioxidative, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antihypertensive, making it a great way to cleanse and strengthen the immune system.

Image by Mario Purisic


Not only can Kambo be helpful for releasing emotional blockages and clearing negative energy, but it can be a promising treatment for:

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Stress

  • PTSD

  • Addiciton

  • Chronic pain and fatigue

  • Releasing toxins

  • Migraines

  • Fertility Issues

  • Cancer

  • Alzheimer's

  • Arthritis

  • HIV

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Diabetes

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Hypertension

  • And much more



BEFORE: Be mindful leading up to the session with what you eat, as well as staying hydrated.  Do not consume any alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before the session.  No food 8-12 hours before the session, and no prolonged juice or water fasts.  Do not take any medications on the day until after the treatment.  Stop drinking water 2 hours before you arrive.

DURING: There is a purging process involved with Kambo, which means nausea, vomiting, defecation, and emotional releases such as crying.  This is all part of the process as your body and spirit cleanses itself.

Small superficial burns are made to the skin and the top layer is gently wiped off creating a “gate.”  The secretion is applied onto the gate and then enters through the lymphatic system.  A rush of warmth throughout the body ensues, with your body starting to flush.  The heartbeat will raise slightly, along with a slight drop in blood pressure.  It is common to experience a swelling of the face.

After a few minutes, your stomach may begin to contract causing vomiting, part of the purging process.  By working with Kambo, purging removes the toxins along with releasing and clearing out energy.  There will be a bucket in front of you to purge into, and you will be assisted if needed to go the bathroom.   After the Kambo points are removed, the purging process gradually subsides, and you will have time to rest.  Herbal tea with honey and a light snack will be provided.

AFTER: People note feeling at peace and lighter following the treatment, with the effects lasting for a few weeks.  Once the Kambo points are removed, Dragon’s Blood a medicinal tree sap from the Amazon is applied to the gates.  This accelerates the healing and forms a protective layer to prevent infection.

Kambo is usually kept on for 20-40 minutes, and a typical Kambo ceremony lasts 2-3 hours from beginning to end, including the resting phase.  It can be a powerful and transformative experience, but may not be for everyone, so please do your own research.  Viva Kambo!

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